“To write is to seek out in the tumult of the burnt bone of the arm that matches the bone of the leg.” 
Alezandra Pizarnik


Note: A few poems have been published under his pseudonym 'Maya'.

“I like Karan's poems. They have a mix of imagination and substance that's very appealing to me...“the sky must hate us/ as it sees everything we do.” I'd like to have written that...I’m especially drawn to the combination of directness and privacy in his poems, and the creation of a world within a world."

Bob Hicok

“These poems are, no bullshit, the real deal. You are the real deal, Karan. You are a real poet."

Kaveh Akbar

“This devastating poem explores gendered responses to grief, and vividly evokes the aftermath of  a process of cremation in India, seen here from the inside, as it were, from a speaker both embedded in his culture and in some ways estranged from it.”

Mark Doty, for Red Wheelbarrow Prize 2021
(3rd Prize): “Euphemisms”

Maya offers an acute description of how a dysfunctional relationship works — how it makes a person self-destructive, and how their idea of love coalesce with the idea of abuse. It does not show what love is, but what love isn't.

"Karan Kapoor has written what we've been awaiting from him. A story that screams the truth. A story that is shameless.

A story that makes you want to die." 

Kshipra Hada

"A day in the life of two people who seem as if they were told, by some outsider, that they are in love, and seem to believe they should be in love, but they hate each other. I don't understand it."

Abram Genser

"This short story left me in a puddle of tears."

Arunima Bajaj

The Dreaming Reality is a genre-bending novel centred around a student-teacher love affair. It is a step into the unknown, an exploration of forbidden relationships, and the struggle with a life-threatening disease that foretells your future in your dreams.

"The prose flows like water, the conversations in the book are gold, the narration is the perfect amount of beautiful, humorous, and grand — the plot twist will shake you unbelievably."

Anamaya Jamwal

"I've never laughed and cried so much while reading a book! The Dreaming Reality is smart and sad and funny, but most of all it proves how profoundly a book can move us."

Kritika Das

"It flows like a Beethoven symphony."


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