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“I like simplicity. I lack simplicity.”

Karan Kapoor prefers pencils over pens. He spent the first four years of his writing life swirling pencils in his fingers while working on a novel with his best friend. It's called The Dreaming Reality and was published in 2018. It has since spread and received a lot of love.

After that, he spent a year and a half working on a novelette, Maya, exploring the complexities of toxic relationships.


That is when he become a practitioner of poetry. He tries to observe life and extract sense out of its meaninglessness. His time is consumed by putting those observations on paper. His poems have appeared (or are forthcoming) in AGNI, North American Review, Rattle, Poetry Online, Frontier, and elsewhere. He has been awarded or placed for the James Hearst Poetry Prize, Ledbury Poetry Prize, Julia Darling Memorial Prize, Red Wheelbarrow Prize, John & Eileen Allman Prize, Orison Anthology Award, and Literary Taxidermy Competition.

He is currently working on three full-length poetry collections. The first one is Dida: almost 100 poems (free verse, prose, listicles, ghazals, sestinas, villanelles, etc) about his grandmother’s prolonged illness and death. The second one is titled Portrait of the Alcoholic as a Father: over 45 poems (often using hybrid forms like the interview, questionnaire, visual fragments) profiling his father. The poems are an attempt at an obsessive portrait of another that end up also as a self-portrait. The third one is titled What it is is what it is not and what it is not is what it is.

When not writing or zoning out over classical music, he is obsessing over Leonard Cohen who he worships. It is a cause for concern that he spends far more time reading than he does writing; it's appallingly disproportionate.

For the purpose of this bio, he's thinking of other hobbies, etc., but if he is to be honest, he doesn't know how to do much else.

Since last year, he has lived in Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay, and Chandigarh. Having graduated with MA in Literary Art Creative Writing from Ambedkar University, this year he hopes for an MFA in the U.S. and continue to live a life devoted to music and literature.

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