Karan Kapoor

When Karan was little, he wanted to be an astronaut. After a few beatings at the hands of bullies, he developed an intense fear of falling and closed spaces, so he began playing with words.

He has since published a novel, and a novelette. Yet he thinks of himself primarily as a poet.


He is currently working on a collection of short stories, and three separate collections of poems.

He is eternally oppressed by his restless leg syndrome. He loves clouds, rain, rivers, and all things water.


“Almost everyone deserves a second chance.

Almost no-one deserves a third.”


The Sunflower-Man by Shubhra Rathore


“A perfect combination of thrill, romance, and wit.”

Vanshika Rao

Awestruck by the originality of the story line, the communicative ease of the language and the depth and insight with which the characters have been brought to life. Once I started, it was difficult to put the book down until I reached the dénouement of the intricately woven plot. 

Anjana Neira Dev

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“The narrative voice is strong, the language vigorous."

Manju Kapur,

the author of Difficult Daughters

“Riveting. Powerful. Very moving. Karan is fabulous with darkness.”

Revati Laul,

the author of The Anatomy of Hate

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